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If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to building a successful business, it's that you cannot do it alone. No matter how big your ideas, if you're able to accomplish your goals entirely by yourself, I would argue that you're not dreaming big enough.

So, when the idea for Romatac started to become a reality for me, I began thinking not only about the resources I would need to make it happen, but also the kind of people who I would actually want to work with. I needed a fresh team of dedicated individuals, not contaminated by industry expectations, and ready to let their creative passions speak for themselves. I needed a crew with grit; a team who I could invest in, build into, and who would be loyal and committed in return. Anyone can talk a big game, but when it comes time to take the winning shot, the question is... "Do you pass, or do you take the shot?". Taking shots is what we do, and I want a team full of shot-takers. That is my mission and the mission began coming together with the addition of Isaiah Sink...

I first met Isaiah during my time managing Strader's Garden Center on West Broad St. in Columbus, Ohio. From the very first day, Isaiah was the guy who I could depend on most. No matter what the task or how dirty the job, Isaiah would always jump in with both feet and usually end up to his elbows in whatever mess we were working in that day. Dependability is a hard thing to find, especially in the retail businesses I've managed, but Isaiah provided me with a different experience than I was used to. I've never met a more dedicated teammate. While I knew all of this, what I didn't know was that Isaiah had much more media engineering experience than I ever realized.

Isaiah's passion for creating and capturing sound began at a young age and started with music. He started drumming in the 6th grade and continued playing music throughout middle school and high school. This led him to becoming the lead drummer for the Ohio Christian University College Band and he performs with them regularly to this day. While his passion mainly revolved around his love of creating music, he started his media engineering journey while working with my Church's tech team. He was responsible for orchestrating live video presentations, adjusting and setting stage lighting, and used the sound board to help engineer the best quality sound for the presentations. Now, he's bringing those skills to Romatac.

At Romatac, we like to consider ourselves "media marketing multi-tools", and with Isaiah on the team, we are even more capable. He is a multi-tool within a multi-tool, and as our lead Audio Engineer, Isaiah is responsible for helping to tell our client's stories by capturing the best quality sound possible. He has the right tools and the right mind for this role, especially with his keen attention to detail, willingness to help, and desire to exceed expectations.

Thank you for reading. We will be posting regular updates on our news page as the team continues to grow!

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