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Who We Are


Nate Marshall

Director of Media Production/ Founder

First and foremost, I am a storyteller. I tell captivating stories by capturing beautiful moments and making them timeless. I have been perfecting my craft as a multimedia content engineer for over 15 years. I am also a proud serial entrepreneur, having founded 3 successful businesses, Romatac being my third. My multimedia passions are videography, photography, post-production editing, color grading, production consulting, and marketing strategy. I love my wife, my dogs, fruit snacks, craft sodas, and freedom.


Mercedes Romine

Office Manager/ Lead Production Stylist

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and now, I am excited to bring my skills to Romatac. I use my talents to help our clients look and feel their best during our shoots.

As a multi-talented resource, I am also a skilled graphic sketch artist, enhancing our storyboards and graphic design support. I also work my magic on the company back-end by handling various administrative tasks in order to always keep the cameras rolling! 

My most important role of all, however, is that of overseeing security operations in the form of being "dog mom" for our two pibbles.

Isaiah Sink

Lead Audio Engineer/ Production Assistant

My passion for creating and capturing sound began at a young age and started with music. I gravitated towards percussion and started drumming in the 6th grade. I continued playing music throughout middle school and high school. This led me to becoming the current lead drummer for the Ohio Christian University College Band and I perform with them regularly to this day.


I started my media engineering journey while working with my Church's tech team. I specialized in live video presentations, stage lighting, and sound engineering. Basically, I made our live presentations look and sound their best. Now, I am excited to bring my talents to Romatac!

As an Audio Engineer for Romatac, my job is to help tell our client's stories by capturing the best quality sound. As a Production Assistant, I work to ensure that our productions go smoothly and skillful address any issues that may arise.

Ian Marshall

Director of Photography

I am a photographer and oil painter based in Kent, Ohio and I have been creating captivating art for over 15 years. My works and style are architecturally driven - structural elements and geometric aspects are the foundations for my compositions. I love taking photographs of architectural elements and structures are documented extensively and then transformed into works of art. I have received numerous awards throughout Northeast Ohio such as acceptance into the GAR Foundation in Akron along with Best of Show at Art in the Park in Kent. I have also shown work at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in fine art with a concentration in Painting from Kent State University in 2017. Now, I and am excited to bring my talents and skilled eye to Romatac!


Vince Crise

Lead Designer/ Brand Engineer

I'm a digital artist and entrepreneur who specializes in character illustration and design with a passion for creative writing and web design. I've spent the last 8 years cultivating an online brand, creating and selling various artworks and products for clients across various mediums. In that experience I've found a love of brand development and organizing strong visual personalities that are recognizable, memorable, and unique.


My current venture is front-end code for websites, designing them to be both full of character and user friendly no matter the device it is viewed upon. I'm passionate about exploring and learning new skills and mediums, this has allowed me to take on many avenues in my creative arsenal from that of graphic design, painting, writing, storyboarding, steps into animation, front-end code, character design, and more as I'm always eager to step into a new adventure. 

Speaking of adventures, I'm certainly excited to be apart of that of Romatac, I can't wait to see where it takes me and how I can help to make the dream work.

Seth Romine

Media Engineering Apprentice

I am a recent graduate of Ambleside Ocala High School in Ocala, Florida and excited to jump right into the world of digital media production! I like to spend my time writing lyrics, producing beats, and working to accomplish my dream of becoming a successful music artist and industry producer. Although the core of my focus is mainly audio engineering and music production, I am ready and willing to hone my craft and to learn everything there is to know about all aspects of media production. I'm looking forward to bringing my skills to Romatac and excited to see where this opportunity will take me!


Margot & Gracie

Directors of Security

My name is Margot but I go by "Go-Go". I'm the adorable one on the left (obviously). It is my life mission to do anything and everything expected of me and am always the very best girl. On the other hand, my brother, Gracie (the doof on the right), is a complete rhinoceros and spends his days clunking around looking for Chuck-It Ultra Balls and napping. Basically, it's his job to look intimidating long enough for me to handle business. In reality, he's a complete smoosh ball, and unless you're mean to my family, I am too. Let's go for a run!

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